Everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know about Kindergarten!

Prairie Creek Elementary School

Half-Day Kindergarten


Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year working together with you.  If you need to reach me, please feel free to email me at hickse@usd385.org.  Below are some general guidelines and information that may be helpful!  Thanks.


Discipline:  I believe in a positive style of classroom management.  I think learning should be a fun and enjoyable experice for all those involved.  I want the children to be in control of their own emotions and sharing those appropriately with others.  I think we all can learn from one another and work together to solve problems that will arise.  I will send home a weekly behavior chart attached to the Friday newsletter.  I encourage you to review this and discuss it with your child at home.


Homework:  All daily work will be complete in class.  Homework is meant to help your child reinforce a skill and keep you informed about what we are learning.  Your child will have a small homework assignment starting sometime in November.  


Newsletter:  Every Friday I will be sending home a newsletter.  It will contain important information about the coming week, homework assignments, and your child’s behavior.  Please be sure to check it out!


Birthdays:  We love to celebrate birthdays at school!  We will celebrate birthdays at 11:00.  Please contact me ahead of time so we can plan this special event into our day’s schedule!


AMP: Art, Music and PR are on a rotating schedule, so you will need to check the newsletter each week to find out the schedule.  Day A- Art, Day B- Music, Day C- PE.  We will have library on Fridays.  Please be sure your child is wearing tennis shoes on PE days!


Volunteer:  Please come in anytime and help us in the classroom!  Research shows that children that have parents involved in their school are much more successful.  Come join in the fun.  I will have a sign up sheet available to you so you can choose a time that works best for you!


Kindergarten Milk:  Kindergarten milk is available to students each day during snack time for $0.40 a carton.  Please remember that kindergarten milks are not included in the Free and Reduced program.  


Curriculum:  Our reading curriculum consists of a book of the week, which utilizes sets of literature books to motivate your child to learn their reading skills, our district language arts curriculum, and the Pathways program which teaches phonics through characters, songs, and actions.  We will be focusing on learning to identify the letters, sounds, sight words, and working on comprehension.  This will be accomplished by focusing on one letter and blend each week.  Our district math curriculum allows for a hands on approach to math using manipulatives and paper and pencil as well.  We will be learning how to problem solve and how to apply math to real life situations.  We will be focusing on learning to identify numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, counting, adding, and subtracting sets.  


I am looking forward to a great year.  Again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  

Erica Hicks