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Classroom Behavior Plan

Classroom Behavior Plan


Our classroom behavior plan may be divided into the major areas outlined below.  Most behavior will fall under one or more of these headings.  We will discuss in class ways that we can demonstrate these positive behaviors and help make school a wonderful place.


                        Rule 1.  I use my watching eyes.           Rule 2:  I use my listening ears.


                        Rule 3:  I use my just right voice.        Rule 4:  I use my helpful hands.


                        Rule 5:  I use my caring heart.             Rule 6:  I use my walking feet.

Behavior Clips and Stamps

Each student is given a clip on the behavior clip chart & behavior card.  Students that are working, following directions, and exhibiting positive qualities will be asked to move his/her clip up on the behavior clip chart. 


At the end of the day students will get to stamp their card based on the color they are on at the end of the day. Students will choose a special privilege from the behavior catalog upon filling the card.  (Examples include sitting in the teacher’s chair, shoes off in the classroom, sitting with a special friend at the table).



Each student has a behavior clip.  All students begin the day on the green area of the clipboard.


  1.  First offense – move clip to yellow area:  The student will receive a verbal warning and a reminder of the classroom rules.


  1. Second offense – move clip to orange area:  The student will conference with the teacher to discuss the inappropriate behavior as well as the appropriate behavior that could have been chosen instead.  He/she will receive an appropriate consequence (i.e. miss 5 minutes of recess or center time, seat reassigned).  A note regarding the rule broken will go home in your child’s folder.


  1. Third offense – move clip to red area:  The student will conference with the teacher regarding behavior.  The teacher will contact the parents (email or phone call) and the student will receive an appropriate consequence (i.e. time off recess or centers, behavior plan to fit the child’s needs).


  1. For severe or continued disruption:  The student will be taken to the office to visit the principal.


  1. Clips can be moved up and down throughout the day.  For example, a child may be asked to move his/her clip down to yellow.  Later in the day he may be asked to move his/her clip up (back to green).  At the end of the day he/she would be able to stamp their behavior card because at the end of the day the clip was on green. 


  1. All clips are moved back to green at the beginning of the next day.