Mrs. Hayden's Rules

This most important rules in our classroom are to treat others with respect and to have good character. If we treat each other with respect, we will create an environment where everyone can learn. This could include: talking when appropriate, listening, keeping objects to ourselves, being on task, and working with others.

When students exhibit good character it helps our room be successful and creates an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. This could include: being honest, using manners, being flexible, showing compassion, being generous, being able to forgive others, having self control, exhibiting patience, and being responsible. 

In fourth grade, students have more responsibilities than in previous years. A few areas where students will have to be responsible include their AR goals and learning math facts. Students will be given an AR goal each nine weeks. It is their responsibility to read each night and take AR tests at school to make their goal. They will not have a nightly reading log. Students should also practice math facts several times a week.