Mrs. Hayden's Discipline Policy

Mrs. Hayden's Discipline Policy

Class Dojo Behavior Plan

Our class will be using an electronic behavior plan for students. As we work through this new plan, there may need to be changes.  Parents can access their student’s Classdojo with a password on a computer or an app can be downloaded to any smart phone. In the classroom, students will start in the middle of the behavior chart. If they make excellent choices they will be asked to move their superhero cape up the behavior chart. If they make a poor choice they may be asked to move their superhero cape down the behavior chart. Movement will occur throughout the day which will allow for students to move back up the chart if they correct their behaviors. At the end of the day, students will receive points based on where they end up on the chart. See below for the Class Dojo Reward sheet for individual rewards. Each quarter students point will start over.


Super Day +5 points

Great Effort +4 points

Good Day +3 points

Warning -1 points

Reflect on choices -2 points


dojo rewards