4th Grade Science Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Nature of Science

Students will learn about questions scientists ask and how they find answers, identify tools that scientists use, describe different scientific methods and explain how scientists keep records in order to share conclusions with other scientists.

Lesson 1: What questions do scientists ask?

Lesson 2: How do scientists use tools?

Lesson 3: How do scientists answer questions?

Lesson 4: How do scientists draw conclusions?


After completing this chapter, your child will know about science and different scientific methods. Your child will also learn about technology , what questions scientists ask, how scientists use tools, how scientists answer their questions and how scientists answer their questions, and how scientists draw conclusions.


evidence hypothesis
inference inquiry
investigation procedure
scientific methods three-dimensional
two two-dimensional


At-Home Lab

Trial Testing – Test how high a table-tennis ball will bounce on concrete. Use the procedure from the bouncing-ball experiment. Record your data. Be sure to do multiple trials. Compare your data with others. Explain why the data might be different. draw a conclusion.