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Vision statement

Prairie Creek graduates will have the academic, social, and behavioral skills to be successful and fulfilled personally and professionally. They will be lifelong learners with the persistence to grow and adapt to reach their full potential.  The school counselor will utilize data to manage and deliver program services to all students equitably to support their growth, development and success. 

I believe all students can learn, grow and achieve success when given a safe, supportive environment. 

I believe all students deserve access to high quality instruction and responsive services in a safe supportive environment that is respectful to all. 

I believe academic achievement increases with improved problem solving skills and social emotional well being. 


Prairie Creek Elementary School Counseling Program will deliver a comprehensive counseling program to ensure all graduates have the academic preparation, innovative thinking, resilience, integrity and character to lead successful and fulfilling lives. All students will have equitable access to academic, social, and behavioral skills to be able to meet their full potential and lead healthy, responsible, and successful lives.

Contact info

Tess Hunt, counselor