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Pick up & Drop off Procedures

Posted Date: 08/15/2017

Student safety is our top concern throughout the entire day, starting with arrival. Please note these reminders and follow all procedures to ensure the safety of all students.

1. Students not being dropped off at the curb MUST be escorted to or from the building to the parking lot by the person picking them up or dropping them off.
2. Parents should stay in line to drop off their children and not exit the line or enter the line further up (essentially cutting in line).
3. Students can be dropped off at any point along the curb. Students should exit the car on the CURB SIDE. If this is not possible, they should be escorted from the street side to the curb side by the person dropping off.
4. Please drive very slowly in drop off lane and be extremely careful when pulling out of the line.
5. Students attending half day programs will receive further instructions from their teacher regarding arrival & dismissal procedures.

We appreciate your assistance in keeping all of our students safe!

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