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Car Line Procedures

Once cars get into the drop-off zone, we should be able to drop off 8 carloads of students at a time. Please be sure to have your child prepared to exit the car when you enter the drop-off zone. Waiting to put on coats, close backpacks, etc. slows down the process.

Please do not block the crosswalks, and be on the lookout for bicyclists and walkers.

Please review the two car line options below.

Option 1

Prairie Creek Morning drop-off map 1

Drive around to the south side of the school and line-up on the road in front of the Farha Center. This is our preferred plan.

Option 2

Prairie Creek Morning drop-off map 2

Turning left while traveling south on Yorktown is only to be used if you will be parking and walking your child to the crosswalk. If you are using this option, please stay on the left side of the school drive and proceed into the parking lot as the cars in the right lane have already been waiting to drop off.

If there are no cars on the right side of the drive waiting in line, feel free to move to the right side if needed.